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Shree Gautam International has been the industry leading Rolling Mill Rolls manufacturer in India, Rolling Mill Rolls Supplier, and major Rolling Mill Rolls exporter to the remainder of the world.

Our rolls are highly appreciated and are manufactured using the staple of the most effective quality. Rolls are the most and really costly consumables during a steel mill. They are used to roll steel within the steel mill and therefore their performance depend upon many factors which include the materials used and the loads to which they’re subjected to during service. The roll design is influenced by the restrictions applied by the rolling load, the roll strength and therefore the torque available for rolling. Just in case of flat rolling, it’s also influenced by the allowance made for roll bending and by cambering of the rolls. The roll design is to take care the load and torque required for any pass. Additionally, it must make sure that the physical dimensions and material of the roll are capable of withstanding the heaviest loads arising during the rolling sequence. Another important factor where roll life cares is that the wear properties of the roll material.

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Shree Gautam International features a popular name in Rolling Mill Rolls manufacturers. Our products are available in several shapes and sizes required within the industry. Moreover, we make customized sizes on demand from customers, as long as the order is in bulk. Thanks to our state of the art infrastructure, we will take bulk demands of Rolling Mill Rolls from Malerkotla, India and everyone over the globe.

We assure you about quality products, timely delivery, and competitive price. We welcome buyers, distributors, stockists and wholesale suppliers from India to submit an inquiry. Send your inquiry today for bulk orders and our team will contact you with a quote as soon as possible.

Rolling Mill Rolls Manufacturers

We have an intensive range of Rolling Mill Rolls which are available in several dimensions and shapes. Our range of products comprises of:

In the rolling of steels, the material of the rolls is to be capable of withstanding loads which plastically deforms the rolling stock without itself being plastically deformed. Within the rolling of hot steel, this is often not a difficult problem and iron or steel rolls are suitable if they’re operated at a temperature considerably less than that of the rolling stock. Whether iron or steel rolls are utilized in any particular case depends on the precise duty they need to perform and whether toughness, resistance to thermal cracking or shock loading or hard wearing properties is most vital.

Manufacturing Process

Having earned the name of being one among the foremost reliable Rolling Mill Rolls manufacturer India and Rolling Mill Rolls Supplier, we take immense care and energy into each and each product that comes with our name thereon. We design, manufacture and produce all the Rolling Mill Rolls at our state of the art facility in Malerkotla. Every single steel mill Rolls is formed by the foremost advanced machinery with utmost precision. We cater to a good range of customer specification and preference and are quite happy to serve to their needs. Our Rolling Mill Rolls are prevalent over many industries, and each and every one among them is in compliance with the ISO Standards and specifications. Every single Steel Mill Rolls beginning of our facility is manufactured in strict conformance with the international norms of quality.

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