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Shaping machine works on one return crank mechanism that gives tool reciprocating motion. It's a base, column, saddle, clapper box, cross rail, reciprocating ram holding the tool adjustable for cutting stroke, tool head at front of the ram etc. In its mechanism of these parts provide great flexibility within the work easily held.

shaping machine manufacturers

Shree Gautam International is one among the leading expertise Shaping Machines manufacturers in India. Our tools are built using modern technology for better efficiency and better precision. We offer these all geared shaping machines within the market at very economical price. Our machines are widely acclaimed for its apprehensive features like performance, condensed construction, sturdiness and long utility life, Auto Lubrication System, Vice, Handle, handbook , Automatic down Feed to the tool slide.

We are a number one shaping machine manufacturer that caters to all or any industrial needs with advanced technology to shape materials accurately at faster rates. The favored Shaping Machine is effective working sort of shaping cutter uses linear relative motion. It’s the ram moves backwards and forwards across the work piece to end into flat surfaces. Shaping machines surface could also be horizontal, vertical, inclined, concave/convex, angular that make grooves, slots, key ways, etc. Thus these machine tools easily attain any desirable shape. The Horizontal shaping type is that the common arrangement to urge plane surfaces of a work-piece. The ram in horizontal axis movement is converted into reciprocating movement to realize required successful cutting operation.


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