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Bar Tying Machine Manufacturers

We are renowned together of the foremost reputed Bar Tying Machine Manufacturers in India. Shree Gautam International features a complete range of packaging & binding lines ready to satisfy any requirement for this task. We are ready to supply tying and stacking systems for bar & rod Steel Rolling Mill Plants. We manufacture and provide Automatic Bar Tying Machines or hot steel rolling mill plants for automated tying and packing of finish steel products.

bar tying machine manufacturers

For what purpose do I need a Bar Tying Machine?
Shree Gautam International has been referred to as the leading Bar Tying Machine manufacturer India and Bar Tying Machine exporter. We offer our Bar Tying Machine to imminent clients everywhere the globe and also hail as their choice of Bar Tying Machine exporter to be installed after cold shearing machine. First the 12 Meter conveyor of 500 Barrel Length are going to be installed and from that, transfer skid table are going to be installed. TMT Bars after getting shear from cold shearing machine are going to be transferred on automatic transfer skid table and from there 1 – 2 Ton of TMT Bars are going to be shifted to delivery conveyor which can further attend tying machine. Tying Machine will bundle upto 2 Ton of TMT Bars automatically and from that it’ll attend receiving conveyor which can transfer the material to finishing table. Transfer skid table are going to be completed with chain, chain sprocket, shafts, begin system, motor, bearing, bearing block, pneumatic cylinder etc.

We are the biggest Bar Tying Machine manufacturers in India and is understood for the high-quality, reliable products that we produce. We are the industry leaders within the production of steel mill machinery since our products are of consistent quality, meet the required standards and are monitored by a top quality council during production and testing. We provided the very best quality products at very cheap rates within the market.

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